Hi! I'm Dila Yolga.
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Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. I trained as a ballet dancer until I was 18. I had no passion for it so I quit and decided to get my degree in Arts Management. On my sophomore year of college, I decided to challenge myself in a personal level so I moved to United States and transferred to Long Island University. Working in different fields, made me realize I needed more education, so I decided to get my masters, MBA in Management and Leadership. Again worked in various fields. I was not happy. Couldn't seemed to find my purpose in life. When I was lost, unhappy, depressed and confused, somehow I found yoga.

I started yoga as a workout and all the reason that has nothing to do with the practice of yoga. But I'm grateful "wrong" reasons led me to right path. I found yoga. Turns out it was all along within me. (plus within my name to be exact, even though my last name is YOLGA it is pretty close). I definitely think yoga was my calling in life. I cannot be happier to find this path. After practicing for a year, I wanted to pursue more deeper into it so got my 200hr certificate in 2016 Summer from Dharma Bhakti Yoga School. In 2017 I did my Restorative Yoga Training. In June 2019 I started my 300hr Advanced Yoga Training with Jared McCain and with his amazing master teachers in Lighthouse Yoga School. The complete training will end in July 2019. I am dedicated to keep learning, and improving myself with various workshops, trainings, classes and teachers. I will never stop being a student. In the meantime I'm sharing my knowledge with teaching adults yoga classes from Restorative and beginner friendly classes to advanced students. As well as my new discovered passion for Kids yoga has been growing with a lot of opportunities since 2018.

The main reason I decided to teach yoga is, the reason how it changed my life and how much I wanted to remind people it can change theirs also. Yoga helped me to become more aware of my body, constant practice got me in better shape, I learned how to breath. Also and to me this is the most important part, I become a much of a happier, confident, content person. After all the positive impact it made into my life I had to teach and help others feel this way.


Again, I am always a student, let's always be open to that. Be open to new things, be open to growth, be open to learn, and be open to give.

With love,