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Meet Dila


Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. At a

very young age, I started professional

ballet training; the dance school was a system by itself 10 years of education and training to become a pro dancer; at the age of 12 I was in this system living in another city away from my parents, trying to navigate life with no guidance and mentorship. This environment was very emotionally abusive and tough for a young individual, I hated it. I finally ended my dance career at the age of 18 and changed the direction of my life. Training as a ballet dancer taught me a lot about discipline, physical abilities, and my understanding the movement.


After quitting dance school at the age of 18 I started college in Turkey, majoring in Arts Management. During sophomore year, I wanted to challenge myself on a personal level and decided to continue my education in the United States. Although moving to another country by myself was a bit overwhelming I couldn’t wait to start this new journey.


I got my Bachelor's in Arts Management from Long Island University and started my career in a variety of jobs, I wasn’t happy with that direction so I decided to continue my education in hopes of finding fulfillment in life. I got my master’s degree, MBA in Management and Leadership. Again, I worked in various fields but still, but I was not happy. After all of my education and the hardships I had endured to get here, I couldn't seem to find my purpose in life.


I was depressed, I had no structure in my life, I had such an unhealthy lifestyle, had no discipline, and no spiritual practice. I was in a cycle of unhealthy habits that I did not know how to get out of. Something was missing and those times felt like I was in a tunnel without no hope of seeing the light. During that time, I went to my first yoga class, and I hated it. Well, good thing I tried again. Later I learned not every yoga class and teacher is a good fit for you, just like any relationship. In 2015 I was practicing yoga regularly as a workout, without knowing the depth and the different layers of a yoga practice but I was so drawn to it.


In 2016 I wanted to immerse myself more in the yoga world and started working at a yoga studio for free, at the same time started my first yoga teacher training.


I put this time to my advantage, to learn, observe, and practice. everything I was learning in my training I was putting to practice to see how it applied to students of different levels. I started to notice common injuries and limitations, and be aware of common and unique issues, and hardships people were having, being able to read minor cues of each student, their stress level, what they do to manage.

I started to notice many parts that were missing in the learning and applying to everyday humans. Sometimes learning what yoga is offering was not fitting to everybody, although yoga is a universal practice, not every type was applicable to everybody. I observed so much, from trying and failing, and trying again I believed to find the best and most fitting way to help people. Everyone was in search of feeling at ease not just physically but also mentally and emotionally.

I was learning yoga philosophy, meditating, changing my diet and anything I consume mentally and physically, my thoughts, I started this intense personal growth journey in 2016 and I started to feel little better in life, it is a constant everyday choice and effort and it is not easy but it is worth it.

very only focused on the physical aspect of yoga the Asana. I also learned yoga is not only about physical movement, meditation, challenges to create habits, positive thinking, mindfulness, breathwork, emotional impact on the body, energy centers, awareness, and the ability to see the bigger picture.

yoga is not just about poses, but the discipline the effort you put in physically, meditation, being able to stay silent, listen, pay attention, not react, restraining desires, saying no to things, changing habits, positive thinking, making better decisions, being respectful, being able to see the bigger picture, realizing life is not only about you, and a whole lot of things


I encourage everyone, to try different teachers, really do not hesitate to ask questions, ask your teacher what you need and how they can help you with that, have they experienced someone who was in the same position before? That is what I’ve worked on, improving myself in many different aspects of ancient yoga teachings but also expanding my knowledge to how we function neurologically, how anatomy and body systems work, how energetic body and meridians in Chinese medicine involved in this emotional part of our body, the importance of relaxation, importance of a physical challange, importance of breath work and many more as I continue to learn. Ultimately, I learned that knowledge of yoga poses and practice is great but it is just a START, with my observations of teaching kids to body types with many many limitations I realized our yoga practice has to adapt to modern age. I do not concentrate on teaching a forearm stand, hand stand, or any advanced poses but I keep my focus and niche to people who want to get up from chair without pain, who wants to be able to tie their own shoes until they re 140 years old, I work on a body that you can play with your grandkids, or your pets, without pain and suffering of being in pain after, I want you to not worry of losing your balance in a daily activities, I want you to be able to walk, lift groceries, forever. That is my ultimate goal for the physical practice. Would you end up doing cool poses yes why not but my goal is to remind you to put the work in and body will follow your efforts. On the other side of the physical teaching I want to teach you the right way to breathe, yes the right way. I teach the tools to use when you are stressed, overwhelmed and anxious. To me yoga practice consists of physical and emotional health and in private classes we work on that.

I decided to teach yoga because I felt like I found the secret and everyone had to learn about this, I wanted a good supportive guide teacher mentor in my life and I decided to become that to anyone who felt like that. I do have over 600hours of trainings and constantly learn more, but  what I learned from helping anyone with back injuries, working with amputee, anyone who is having hard time with focus, intense tightness and movement limitation, knee issues, post surgery, cannot replace all the education I got. I learn more everyday, teaching in 1 class to different ages and body types to spending 50 hours of learning.

I’m proud and learned so much from my training, truly honored to learn and improve my knowledge I got from one of the best teachers and institutes in the world such as Lighthouse yoga, Z health, Anatomy Trains, and more local teachers of Prem Sadshivananda, Flor and Liz Dunne. Here is a list of my training.


Causes and Organizations 
I Care and Support

  • Global Fund for Women

  • care (

  • Stand For Trees

Outdoor Yoga
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