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(Adults or Kids Yoga)

( Adults - Kids - Family )

As this pandemic requires us to distance ourselves from most things, we can still use this time to practice yoga and meditate. 

Wed, Apr 01
Zoom meeting
Morning Meditation & Discussion
30 Minute gathering. Meditation, breathing and a short discussion
  • Meditation Group is free/donation based. Anything is appreciated. You can do your donations through Paypal 

  • Yoga Classes are $10 - or whatever you can afford

  • Private Classes

Add a Yoga Class To Your Special Event

Make your special day unique, fun, relaxing and unwinding experience for everyone.

  • Great for a bachelorette or bachelor parties, birthdays, or any gatherings.

  • Work events and/or great way to improve your work environment by adding yoga classes to your office.

  • Relaxed, chill option for your day/weekend getaway.

    Get ready to relax, unwind, and slow down before going back to reality with an hour,  75min or 90min yoga class.

Also great for Kids Events

Ages - 4 to 16

​ A lot of Kids Yoga classes I teach are in after schools as Enrichment programs and have also been teaching at East Williston Town on Saturdays. As my schedule permits I also offer private kids classes or family classes.


Kids love to move, use and build their strength, they loved to be challenged in a fun and safe environment. 


My classes include breath work, asanas (poses), games, partner poses, closing/sharing and relaxation.

  • Great for kids who likes to be active while still learning and enjoys group activities.

  • Learning the benefits of breath, strong body, and being kind to others with yoga.

  • Perfect for birthday parties, or just a gathering activity that any kid would benefit from.

  • After School Programs for schools or early weekends for Town Halls. (Request the idea to your school or Town)

    *Unless it's mentioned. Kids Classes are generally designed for 1 hour. 

*Testimonials can be provided upon request

*For now open for online privates only

The best way to learn and improve your yoga knowledge and practice. If you are just starting and want to learn basics, or only want to concentrate on pranayama (breath techniques) or want to improve your existing practice with one on one attention, private classes are the best option for you. Each class is planned for your own physical needs and will gradually change as you improve. 

*Testimonials can be provided upon request

No studio classes until further notice

Current Schedule- 2020 


Stretch and Restorative


7:30 pm
Strong Flow


Hatha Flow


5:45 pm
Candle Light Flow

Please Check,
Samudra Yoga (Garden City, NY) & Point lookout Yoga Club's (Point Lookout, NY) Schedules for updated weekly classes and upcoming Workshops.