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Meet Dila



Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. At a

very young age I started professional

ballet training, ended my dance career at the age of 18 and changed the direction of my life. Training as a ballet dancer taught me a lot about discipline, my physical abilities and understanding the movement. However, the environment was very emotionally abusive and tough for a young individual. 


After quitting dance school I started college in Turkey, majoring in Arts Management. During sophomore year, I wanted to challenge myself on a personal level and decided to continue my education in the United States.


I got my Bachelor's in Arts Management from Long Island University, and started my career in a variety of jobs, it seemed like I wasn't to eager to work in those fields so I decided to continue my education. I got my masters, an MBA in Management and Leadership. Again, I worked in various fields but still, I was not happy. After all of my education and hardships I had endured to get here, I couldn't seem to find my purpose in life. When I was lost, unhappy, depressed and confused, I started practicing yoga.


In 2015 I started practicing yoga as a workout, not knowing the depth of the practice but I'm grateful for all of the "wrong" reasons that led me to the right path. After practicing for a year, I wanted to dive deeper started my first training in 2016.


2016 - 300hr Certificate from Dharma Bhakti Yoga School, Rockville Center, Long Island.

2017- Restorative Yoga Training with Evangeline Houlihan.

2019 - 300hr Advanced Yoga Training with Jared McCain, Henry Winslow, and Rebecca Causey and other master teachers in Lighthouse Yoga School, in Brooklyn, New York.

2020 - 12hr Meridian Yoga Therapy Training with Erin Rose Vaughan.

2021- 70hr Anatomy Training with Tom Myers from Anatomy Trains & various anatomy courses with Celest Pereira.

2022 - "Essentials of Elite Performance" Course with Z-Health. To further my knowledge on structures and pathways of movement neurology, visual and vestibular assessment and more.


My teaching approach

My primary focus is on alignment in all of my classes. However I  bring all of my teachings, experience, trainings and attention to detail in full force especially mostly in private sessions. 

I focus on figuring out physical imbalances, weaknesses with observance and open communication. Working on functional movement for long term mobility, to create healthier movement patterns for your daily life. I include Meridian Yoga Therapy, (MYT is a modern synthesis of Yoga and Chinese Medicine acknowledges the physical as well as emotional anatomy) as well as breathing techniques, meditation and occasional dharma(spiritual) talks in my classes. I’m very detailed oriented and will pay close attention to your patterns, movement habits and breathing as it all effects one another. The focus will always be you and your needs. Even the challenges will be designed for you. My goal is to help you feel amazing, encourage you, support and care about you throughout our sessions.

Why am I teaching yoga?

The main reason is because of how it changed my life and how much I wanted to remind people it can change theirs too. I am a happier person, I have the tools to be able to step back from my thoughts when they take over my mood and the present moment, I am more confident and enjoy life. Yoga helped me find my community, it lifted the roles of my teachers, students and friends and they all become one. I'll be forever grateful for them. Practice helped me learn to breathe, slow down, be patient and to have a positive mindset. After all the positive impact it has made on my life, I had to teach and help others feel this way.


I will always be a student in this journey. I will always be open to new things, open to growth, open to learn, and open to give with kindness, understanding and support. And I welcome the opportunity to do that with whoever would like to join me.

I teach both to adults and children. From beginners to  advanced practitioners. The styles include restorative, hatha, flow, JM Vinyasa, Meridian Yoga Therapy and combinations.

- Dila


Causes and Organizations 
I Care and Support

  • Global Fund for Women

  • care (

  • Stand For Trees

Outdoor Yoga
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