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Single Class 

Great for; events, gatherings and special occasions 

1 Month Weekly Classes- 4 classes 

3 Month Weekly Classes- 12 Classes
+2 sessions of- 30 minute Meditation Class

Meditation Coaching Options

Free "Tips and Tools for Creating Meditation Habit"  - Coming Soon

2 Week Program
+ Tips and Tools for Meditation 
+ Once a Week Lecture +
Guided Meditation 

1 Month Program

+ Everything on Previous Program

+ Weekly Check- Ins

+ Once a Week Lecture + Guided Meditation

1 Month Full Accountability Support

- Everything on Previous Programs 

- Daily Check Ins

- Weekly Questionnaire to Track Personal Process and Experience

- Once a week guided meditation & Discussion.

- Add on Lecture to Choose from Mantra or Pranayama ( Breath Work)

Why yoga:

Healthy mobility

help ppl feel better


Workshop Ideas:

Chakras- info, breath, mantra, /////myt organs, Nidra

Meditation Accountability Program

This program is a good fit for anyone who is ready to make the commitment to meditate everyday and make it a part of their daily routine, but lack the motivation to commit. Once we create the habit, you become your own teacher. Until then, until you feel comfortable to stick with your practice, the program will provide support, guide and teach your meditation practice. Either you are new at meditation or have been practicing for years, this program will help you to maintain structure and consistency.

This program will help you to maintain structure and consistency to make meditation part of your daily routine.Create the habit and become your own teacher.


Options of,

Basic Level to Full Support Programs


For Reference;
Single class, 175
1 Month weekly, 540
3 Month Weekly, 2342

Should I put this in gift card

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