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1Minute- changed my life.

So I've been listening and reading Tony Robbins lately.. I know I'm always late in the game but better late than never. Here what he was saying in one of his talks; it's very briefly and shortened a bit..

"All change happens in a minute. You gotta remember the power of a minute. In one minute you can change everything in your life. In one minute you can say NEVER AGAIN! Never!.... In a minute you can get in to the point of "never again" or look into somebody's eyes like you never looked at them before, you can hug them like you never did before, you can say the words I love you, in a level you never meant it before. In a moment you can say I QUIT, or let's begin or it's over, or I do. Think about the moments in your life. We have a lot of them" When I think about the minutes that changed my life it is really just 3 of them stood up the most.

1- Quitting ballet.

(After spending years away from my family at young age, being emotionally abused for years, I quit dancing right after the age of 18... The minute I said that's it I hate dancing, I AM DONE. BEST DECISION of my life)

2- Moving to U.S.A. Going back to year 2008, it was a struggle in the beginning and my plan was never to stay here at first but things change, we change, everything changes. I'm so happy to be here and the life I created here for myself.

3- Pursuing Yoga as a career. Self explanatory. Sometimes (very rarely) I question my decision, having bachelors and masters degree but choosing to do something that has no relation to it, BUT then I remember I LOVE what I do. I have so many things I want to accomplish, so many people, that needs to feel how I feel, so many younger kids to inspire. So I am grateful of the day I decided to get my yoga teacher training... that changed my life. BONUS- Going vegetarian I feel happier and healthier. 1 minute I said THAT'S IT NEVER AGAIN it was in 2016.

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