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Why is the journey and not the destination?

You always hear "IT"S NOT THE DESTINATION, IT"S THE JOURNEY" saying and yes we all get the concept but really who agrees to that fully? I can only speak for myself I never really agreed this until recently.

My thought process was "yes okay, I get it. You wont appreciate something fully without truly earning it, truly working for it, but can we be just done with the journey and be in the destination already." (I can sense my own attitude lol)

What changed was mostly my attitude... I decided to enjoy the journey and struggle, hard work, frustration, sadness, anger and at times brief happiness of success. I realized there is no destination (metaphorically, unless Im really traveling duh).. the destination is the journey. In yoga terms, have you ever accomplished a pose you worked hard for and once your body was able to do it were you ever like OK DONE, no more yoga. We all know the answer. The destination to me is seeing the results of your journey and keep being in the journey at all times forever. Once we hit the "destination" we only stay and enjoy briefly until we look for the new one.

What is your journey or destination? Would you agree to that or is there a destination at the end that you feel fully content? What would be your 2 cents? Anyone? lol

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