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Today I just did not wanted to deal with my responsibilities. I really did not wanted to adult today. Sometimes I need someone adulter than myself to guide me, help me with my big girl responsibilities. Don't you wish that sometimes. Like at one point everything changed and all of a sudden there you go handle your life or you will either starve, live in dirt, or get really sick, or something. Ok I am fine with that I learned that I have to do some things but sometimes I want to run to this swing and want someone to plan things for me. Especially today I wished someone to be like, "Here Dila, your four different doctor appointments set up perfectly and all your prescriptions are handled, I got you girllll."

Ps. having minor health problems. It's stressful especially after not even needing to go to a doctor for over 9 years and when the last time I had to go it was my dad had to plan everything. #spoiled

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