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Yoga For
Healthy Mobility

& Emotional Wellbeing

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Stretch and Restore

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Hi, I’m Dila

500hrs+ Certified Experienced Yoga Teacher

My Approach

Pain does not need to rule your life. I created my approach of teaching because I noticed most people were dealing with some sort of pain or imbalance that effected their daily life.


Yoga for healthy mobility: Traditional yoga postures with a concentration on strength, flexibility, breathing patterns, spiritual health to help you with your evolving lifestyle to keep you strong and pain free.

My priority is to pay close attention to my client's movements and breathing patterns, observing imbalances, strengths and weaknesses because this is where most issues stem from. My ultimate goal is to create an alignment-based practice, focused on functional movement that will help create long-term strength, flexibility and healthier movement patterns in your daily life and activities.

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Self accountability program with over 30+ lessons, to help you apply meditation, and movement into your daily routines, create habits for better sleep, maximize the quality and productivity of your day and bring awareness of any daily habits that are not serving you, to replace them with things that do. 


This is a self-paced program, everything is set and provided for you to follow however you will need to bring some self-discipline.

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See What Others Have Shared

Child's Pose

Maryanne, T.

“Dila is structured and very knowledgeable. She is kind, respectful and always exudes positivity, she helps everyone success in their practice. Her classes have helped me both physically and emotionally. Also taught me to be more positive and grateful” 

Martine, G. R.

"Dila’s approach focusses on benefitting all aspects mind, body and soul. During the class, she stresses on the breathing techniques, the importance of body awareness, understanding the chakras and the physical benefits of each pose. I love how she challenges me all the while reminding me to be patient and give myself time. I always look forward to our practice, and I always leave class feeling renewed”  

Aurelia, B.

“She is a compassionate and caring coach, she never places any pressure to achieve above what your body is telling you is okay.”

Pia, S.

"Dila's Restore Yoga class was my first encounter back to yoga. I find that during her restorative class, I really connect to what is being said. I can focus on my thoughts and emotions. I now carry a notebook to write down some of the things that really connected/made an impact with me. In Dila's Flow Yoga class, the focus on technique has made extreme improvements for my yoga practice. I find this class very challenging (I mean that in a good way!) but I appreciate that Dila is paying attention to me to help me improve! I find yoga is very challenging but I do see that I am improving not only physically (this is a slow process for me) but mentally & emotionally as well which was an area in my life that needed to be addressed."

Susmita, P.

"Most of my time with Dila has been through virtual private yoga and meditation sessions. With the private sessions, I've found her approach to be tailored to my strengths & weaknesses. I feel like she's gotten to know me really well, and have this intuitive sense of what I'm thinking or feeling even when she can't see my face. I appreciate that she encouraged me to challenge myself, especially when I often don't feel strong enough. Her approach is really personalized to what her clients need."

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