Dila Yolga

Yoga For Healthy Mobility 
and Spiritual Wellbeing 

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Hi, I’m Dila

500hr+ Certified Yoga Teacher

Yoga changed my life in many ways. The practice allowed me to turn my life around with a healthier body and a positive mindset. I aim is to uplift, inspire and help anyone who is willing to make changes in their life. For any questions you may have, do not hesitate to reach out.

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One on one sessions are prepared for your own personal needs, classes will gradually change as you improve in your own practice. The focus will be on alignment and meditation, dharma talks, and breathing techniques will be integrated.


Options of,

Single Class to Monthly Packages 

This program will help you to maintain structure and consistency to make meditation part of your daily routine.Create the habit and become your own teacher.


Options of,

Basic Level to Full Support Programs

Group setting classes. Friendly, compassionate and non-competitive environment to help you explore all the possibilities and benefits of a yoga practice. 

Ages - 4 to 16

Creating a safe, fun environment for kids to learn the benefits and teachings of yoga. Classes include, breath work, learning new poses, games and more. 

Options of,

Private Classes to Events and Series

Yoga is for everyone

There are many different ways to practice yoga. Yoga is not just physical movement but finding unity with your mind, body and soul. You might be in need of physical movement (asana) or meditation or just want to learn about breath work (pranayama). Most yoga classes combine all three for an overall practice but it can also be broken down. If you are trying to figure out what's the best option for you, I'm here to help.